Simone Manuel’s journey back to swimming after the Tokyo Olympics

If you want to know what it’s like to take care of your physical and mental health at an elite level in swimming, five-time Olympic medalist Simona Manuel talks about it here. Simone’s dominance in the pool, certainly as a great swimmer, was pure joy to watch. Breaking down barriers and making history as the first black woman to win Olympic gold has been thrilling for fans around the world. That historic run came to a halt at the last U.S. Olympic trials when she crashed into a wall. Simone knew what was going on—she had already been diagnosed with overtraining syndrome a few months ago—but things played out dramatically in the US trials.

In this interview, Simone details how she put it all together. Her search for the right training environment is interesting in itself. As we all know, she is now in Bob Bowman’s professional group, and Bob believes in fair work. The way they cooperated and slowly restored Simone’s ability to train to a professional level is well worth your time, especially if you’ve ever suffered from burnout.

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