Every word from David Moyes on the Nottingham Forest win, Danny Ings and West Ham injuries

West Ham United manager David Moyes detailed his side’s 4-0 win over Nottingham Forest on Saturday at the London Stadium.

Two goals from Danny Ings in two minutes on his full debut, followed by subsequent shots from Declan Rice and Michael Antonio, sealed West Ham’s biggest win of the season, taking them out of the Premier League relegation zone.

Here’s every word Moyes had to say about the win, Ings’ goals, Vladimir Kufal and Lukas Fabianski’s injuries, and more.

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Where was this performance?

How long have I been waiting for this? But today was good. I thought we played pretty well in the first half and again it looked like another day of “Oh my God, we’re not going to score.” In the first half we didn’t do anything wrong, we had about seven or eight corners and chances. I think Danny Ings missed a good chance with a header but it was our best chance in the first half. But, of course, in the second half we started to play a little better. In fact, when we scored the second goal, I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m starting to see the West Ham team from last season, which I sometimes saw last season. Even the substitutes came and made an impact and helped us. From our point of view, there were a lot of really good things today.

How important was it to Danny Ings to take the risk today?

Well, we said we need someone who knows the art of it and knows exactly where his runs are, where he needs to be. His mix playing parts were good too at times today. Actually, I was surprised when he missed his head in the first half. Crossing the defender in the second, Said (Benrahma) did a great job with the pass and created a chance for him. Danny kind of followed it up and I know he scored in the net, but those are the goals you sometimes want to see from a centre-forward. You don’t always get a clean finish or box space. Much credit to him.

Danny Ings of West Ham United celebrates his team’s second goal during the Premier League match between West Ham United and Nottingham Forest at London Stadium (Image: Gaspafotos/MB Media/Getty Images)

Your celebration after the second goal was like the victory over Sevilla last season. How difficult have the past few months been for you?

The important thing is that I have really good support, incredible support behind the scenes. In fact, I’m not saying that it’s you people here or not you at all or any one person, but there was no noise behind the scenes. Calm, got the job done, and sometimes it takes good hosts to be a manager and stay at work for a long time. I was very lucky when I was in Preston North End, I had a fantastic owner. When I moved to Everton I had incredible owners and people who supported me and I have to say that since I moved to West Ham I have had pretty much the same.

Is this victory the start for the rest of the season?

Well, I won’t come here with a bottle of champagne and think that everything is cool, I certainly don’t do that, but I’m delighted that I won 4-0 today. I’m going to enjoy it, a glass of wine tonight, and why not? I’ve had a lot of bad days, but overall it’s a start for us. I really think that our performances, probably, after returning from the World Cup showed an improvement, the results, yes, with a defeat, but you probably read my program notes, today was our fourth game out of 13 at home, and now we are going to play again three games on the road. There’s a little bit here where I say, “Wait, our home form is starting to take off, we’re starting to get back in shape.” Hope we can continue this.

Do you think that the ruthless nature of the victory compensates for the recent missed opportunities?

No, that doesn’t make up for the number of bad nights I’ve had at all. What should I say, scoring four goals today or against any team in the Premier League is difficult. In truth, there could have been one or two more closer efforts. But overall it was a really good performance, today we changed the way we played. I wanted to make sure we were flexible and could go from defense three/five to defense four. We probably still don’t have quite the right balance due to injuries and other things, but I want us to keep developing (it). Our game from the center to the avant-garde was much better than in the last few days.

Danny Ings of West Ham United cheers for fans after a Premier League match between West Ham United and Nottingham Forest at London Stadium.

Danny Ings of West Ham United cheers for fans after a Premier League match between West Ham United and Nottingham Forest at London Stadium (Image: Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

How excited are you about your 250th Premier League win?

I saw it yesterday. They are all important, if you don’t win your first game you may not get your second game in football management, just like if you don’t win your 250th game you may not get your 251st. It’s not bad.

What do you think is the best thing that Declan Rice, Thomas Soucek and Lukas Paqueta have played together?

This is one of the best days we’ve had. We were trying to get Thomas (Soucek) a little higher, trying to get (Lucas) Packet, trying to get Dec (Rice). Dec probably played a little deeper today, but scored a goal and he may have had another opportunity that he could use. I don’t think it should change what we do, I still want the three of them to try to score a goal. We’re trying to score more goals for Thomas and we’re trying to put Lucas in positions that we think can hurt the opposition more.

What news about the injuries of Vladimir Kufal and Lukas Fabianski?

Vladimir Kufal has a small heel injury, he felt a little out of his element, but I don’t think it was that bad, but he had to pull away from it at half-time. You have probably seen that Lukasz’s eyes are very bad, I think we are more concerned about the area of ​​his eye sockets and the like.

Have you seen Lukasz Fabianski, does he look normal?

I looked, he seems to be fine. Obviously it came up very quickly and it’s black and blue.

Shoulder Lucas Packages ok after falling in the first half?

(Lucas) Paqueta fell off his shoulder where he had problems, so I kind of thought, “Oh, here we go again.” He seems to have gone through it pretty well and has done a lot of good things that we really like.


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