Deontay Wilder: Benavidez is too big for Canelo

Dan Ambrose: Deontay Wilder picks the powerful, undefeated David Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs) against Canelo Alvarez when they eventually meet in the near future.

Wilder believes that Benavidez is too tough for Canelo (58-2-2, 39 KOs) and he will beat him when the Mexican star finally faces him, which is not yet clear.

From the way Canelo promoter Eddie Hearn spoke on Monday, he has no plans to fight Benavidez anytime soon.

Hearn is suggesting that Canelo fight one of his consistent Matchroom Boxing fighters, John “Gorilla” Ryder (32-5, 18 KOs), next on May 6, after which he will fight Dmitry Bivol in a rematch.

“Canelo is going to be tough. I have Benavidez on it. I think Benavidez is too big for Canelo. Benavidez is very rough, he’s strong and he loves to cum,” Deontay Wilder told Dontae’s Boxing Nation last Saturday night, stating that David Benavidez is too big for undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez.

According to Hearn, the Benavidez fight is “easier” for Canelo than the Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) fight, which in a way is valid.

Bivol is a better boxer than Benavidez in every way, but Canelo won’t be punished as harshly against him as they were against the “Mexican monster.” Benavidez will hit Canelo with a club and probably force a corner.

Benavidez will show no mercy to Canelo

With Bivol, Canelo only has to worry about getting outboxed because he’s not the kind of fighter who goes for knockouts. Indeed, Bivol remained in first gear during his fight with Canelo last May. The only time Bivol switched to second gear was in the fifth round when he landed a beautiful seven-punch storm that brought Canelo close to a halt.

The referee looked like he could step in and stop the fight because Canelo was hit repeatedly in the head by Bivol during the commotion and didn’t throw anything back to protect himself.

Interestingly, Bivol stepped back and seemed to show mercy to Canelo instead of finishing him off. Canelo’s face was red and swollen after he ate those seven headshots from Bivol during his flurry.

It’s hard to understand what went through Bivol’s mind to make him back down and let Canelo survive. Sympathy, maybe? Did Bivol feel like he should be pardoned by Canelo and not go to the finish line coupe de gras? Canelo chose Bivol for this big fight for the paycheck, so didn’t the undefeated champion want to kill him out of gratitude?

Some argue that this is Bivol’s mindset. He lacks the killer instinct that Benavides possesses. If Benavidez puts Canelo in a similar situation, he will bury him with punches and finish the job.

There is literally no chance Benavidez will show mercy to Canelo like Bivol did. Benavidez will show no pity for Canelo.

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