2nd place in the Olympic ranking in beach volleyball at the 2024 Paris Games

The Olympic race for the Paris 2024 Olympics officially began in February in Doha, Qatar with the Volleyball World Elite 16 team. The final event has yet to be determined, but the qualification period will end on June 9, 2024. to provide these updates to the Beach Volleyball Olympic Rankings for the next two years. We’re also including a SANDCAST video update at the end of this story.

What you need to know about qualifying for the Olympic Beach:

In order to qualify for the Olympic Games through the Olympic Ranking, teams use their best 12 results during the Olympic qualification period ending June 9, 2024. The top 17 of the Olympic rankings will receive tickets to the Paris Olympics. The remaining seven places are reserved for the five Continental Cup winners, the 2023 World Cup winner and the French wild card holder. Each country is limited to two teams that can earn a place in the Olympics. Teams will never be able to achieve good results. Once you reach 12 points, you will only replace your worst finishes. In parentheses below are the number of events each pair played. You earn points as a team. Therefore, if a team breaks up and individual members choose new partners, they start with zero Olympic ranking points, although they retain their individual entry points to compete.

Men’s Olympic rankings in beach volleyball

David Ahman, Jonathan Hellwig, SWEDEN, 2760 (3) Anders Mol, Christian Sorum, NORWAY, 2300 (2) Adrian Carambula, Alex Rangieri, ITALY, 1760 (2) Niels Ehlers, Clemens Wikler, GERMANY, 1760 (2) Stefan Burmans, Yorick de Groot, NETHERLANDS, 1660 (2) Adrian Gavira, Pablo Herrera, SPAIN, 1560 (2) Alex Brouwer, Robert Meevsen, NETHERLANDS, 1520 (2) Michal Bryl, Bartosz Losiak, POLAND, 1500 (2) Esteban Grimalt, Marco Grimalt, CHILE, 1360 (2) Sam Cottafava, Paolo Nicolai, ITALY, 1360 (2) Paul Burnett, Chris McHugh, AUSTRALIA, 1260 (3) Moritz Prystauz, Robin Seidl, AUSTRIA, 1120 (2) Sheriff Samba, Ahmed Tijan, QATAR, 1060 (2) Theo Brunner, Trevor Crabb, USA, 1060 (2) Kusti Nolvak, Mart Tiisaar, ESTONIA , 1060 (2) Evandro Goncalves, Artur Mariano, BRAZIL, 1020 (2) Vitor Felipe, Renato Lima, BRAZIL , 1000 (2) André Loyola, George Wanderley, BRAZIL, 1000 (2) Thomas Hodges, Zach Schubert, AUSTRALIA, 940 (2) Dan Dearing, Sam Miner, CANADA, 940 (2) Daniele Lupo, Enric o Rossi, ITALY, 900 (2) Martin Ermacora, Philip Waller, AUSTRIA, 800 (2) Julian Horl, Alex Horst, AUSTRIA, 760 (2) Miguel Sarabia, Juan Virgen, MEXICO, 760 (2) Tri Born, Chaim Schalk , USA, 760 (2)

Other American teams
30. Evan Corey, Logan Webber, USA 560(2)
53. Bill Kolinske, Hagen Smith, USA 140(1)

David Ahman and Jonathan Hellwig celebrating victory at Tepic Elite 16/Volleyball World photo

Women’s Olympic rankings in beach volleyball

Kelly Cheng, Sarah Hughes, USA, 2560 (3) Kristen Nuss, Taryn Cloth, USA, 2160 (3) Mariafe Artacho, Talikva Clancy, AUSTRALIA, 2000 (2) Raisa Shun, Katya Stam, NETHERLANDS, 1960 (2) Duda Lisbon, Ana Patricia Silva, BRAZIL, 1860 (2) Barbora Germannova, Maria-Sarah Stochlova, CZECH, 1540 (2) Melissa Humana-Paredes, Brandi Wilkerson, CANADA, 1520 (2) Talita Antunes, Tamela Coradelli, BRAZIL, 1400 (3) Carolina Salgado, Barbara Seixas, BRAZIL, 1360 (2) Valentina Gottardi, Martha Menegatti, ITALY, 1360 (2) Tina Graudina, Anastasia Samoilova , LATVIA, 1360 (2) Megan Kraft, Emily Stockman, USA, 1260 (3) Svenja Müller, Signa Tillman, GERMANY, 1220 (2) Sophie Bukovec, Sarah Pavan, CANADA, 1200 (2 ) Teresa Cannon, Sarah Sponcil, USA, 1200 (2) Lezana Plasette, Alexia Richard, FRANCE, 1200 (2) Nina Brunner, Tania Huberly, SWITZERLAND, 11:00 (1) Tony Rodriguez, Savvi Simo , USA, 11:00 (2) Miki Ishii, Sayaka Mizoe, JAPAN, 11:00 (3) Dorina Klinger, Ronja Klinger , AUSTRIA, 10:20 (2) Carla Borger, Sat undra Ittlinger, GERMANY, 920 (2) Abril Flores, Atenas Gutiérrez, MEXICO, 920 (2) Meimei Lin, Jinjin Zeng, CHINA, 860 (2) Maria Carro, Angela Lobato, SPAIN, 800 (2)

Other American Teams:
26. Haley Harvard, Kelly Kolinske, USA 800 (2)
36. Betsy Flint, Julia Scholes, USA 460(1)
44. Corinne Quiggle, Sarah Schermerhorn, USA 220(1)

Previous rankings: 1st place in the Olympic beach volleyball rankings.

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